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5 Ways Self Pleasure Promotes Better Mental Health


5 Ways Self Pleasure Promotes Better Mental Health


The Quicky
Acquaint yourselves with the quickie.Quickies are the perfect solution for couples that blame a lack of time as the reason for their compromised sex life. They allow couples to get that physical fulfillment and connection in less time. As a plus, quickies are delightfully naughty.
Kissing is the foundation of romantic relationships. It expresses desire, passion and often leads to more intimacy. The reasons why married couples need to make out more are obvious, right? Kissing keeps two people connected across the board and that connection translates to amazing sex.
Just A Little Kink
Everyone’s sex life can benefit from adding something a little wild to their usual repertoire. So, what is one of the kinkiest bedroom ideas for married couples? Those that want to explore should start with handcuffs. They are an easy way to introduce kink into the bedroom without running the risk of stepping into a zone that both parties aren’t comfortable with.
Anticipation often leads to great sex. During the day, exchange a few dirty emails or texts with your spouse to get each other ready for the evening ahead. This ensures that once the two of you are together again, there will be nothing but good times.

Couple's Corner

Love's Tryst Blog

Vol. 1: Sex -let's talk about it

Fast forward to adult life, past your college days of sneaking boys into the dorm. You’re in this great relationship with this great guy and we have a great time together but sometimes you just aren’t having that great of sex.
Over the years, when your sex should have been getting better, it may have stayed stagnant and at times got worse. Neither you or your partner are of doing anything any differently, you just aren’t progressing. Is it the same ol’ missionary everyone loves to hate then doggy-style to end it off?

Spoiler alert: He may have no idea what your needs are.

For people who have an active sex life, it makes no sense as to why we do not communicate our needs to our sexual partners. Once we are finally comfortable and secure why do we regress back to those early teenage years of losing our voice? I’d like to encourage you to talk to your partner and find your voice. Do not shut down, shut off and convince yourself it would never work because they may never know what you need.

When you want sex, tell them. If you masturbate while they are at work, share that. If you want to sleep instead of getting on top, roll back over. This may sound mundane and common sense for some of the world but for those of us who haven’t shaken that stigma of shame about sex communication in the bedroom can be terrifying.

Do not be afraid to take things further than you have in the past if that is where you want to go. Opening up and telling your partner what you want, where you want it, how you want it, can strengthen your lives beyond the bedroom and bring you even closer together. Not to mention telling them what you want can be a giant turn-on for them and you.

The fears of rejection and even judgment can follow us quietly and then make their presence known loudly in the most intimate of settings. Pushing past that, opening your mouth and speaking what you want may be the best decision you ever make.

In this age of technology let’s not lose our voice. In business in public and most of all in the bedroom. Where we all are working to the same goal the big O. Never be afraid to express yourself give feedback and praise

Through good communication, you only help your partner. Now how you chose to deliver that message is up to you.

Have fun with it practice your sexy voice your dominating tone and your whispers of Ecstasy

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