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Larry Flynt Passes Away at 78

Larry Flynt Passes Away at 78

LOS ANGELES — Legendary adult industry pioneer and Free Speech icon Larry Flynt has passed away at 78.

The news was first announced by entertainment gossip site, and confirmed by other sources.

“Family sources tell us the mogul passed Wednesday morning in Los Angeles from heart failure,” TMZ reported in the afternoon.

A few hours later, Larry Flynt Publications (LFP) released the following official announcement:

On behalf of the entire Hustler family, few words can accurately describe our sadness. Our hearts are broken. Larry Flynt was not just a man who built a publishing empire, and he was not just a boss or a colleague; he was a mentor, a friend, someone to be admired. His antics are legendary, his stories incredible, his fight for the First Amendment and our civil liberties, including same-sex marriage, honorable. Larry was a man who spoke the truth and never shied away from fighting for what he felt was right. Larry was remarkable in every way. The entire Hustler family is shattered. We will pick up where he left off and continue his crusade, calling out Washington’s hypocrisy and holding people accountable. Larry was a legend, a friend, a husband, a father, a Hustler. He will live in our hearts forever.

Larry Claxton Flynt Jr. passed away earlier today, Wednesday, February 10, 2021, in Los Angeles at the age of 78, from the recent onset of a sudden illness. He passed quietly in his sleep at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center with his wife Liz and daughter Theresa by his side.

A One-of-a-Kind Icon

Flynt was born on Nov. 1, 1942 in LakeVille, Magoffin County, Kentucky, the man who would one day become a venerated adult entertainment mogul came from very humble beginnings. Nonetheless, the industrious Flynt pursued an eclectic blend of jobs in his youth, ranging from his enlistment in the U.S. Navy in 1960 — where he served as a radar operator for the USS Enterprise (and was on duty when it recovered John Glenn’s space capsule) — to his brief stint as a bootlegger, as well as several months spent with the Inland Manufacturing Company, an affiliate of General Motors.

Then, Flynt began paving his road to fortune in 1965 when he purchased Keewee, his mother’s Dayton, Ohio bar, with $1,800 taken from his savings. He worked grueling hours at the rowdy establishment and soon had it churning out $1,000 a week. Riding on that success, the ambitious entrepreneur opened a high-end nude dancing bar he dubbed the Hustler Club.

In the years that followed, he successfully launched more Hustler Clubs in Akron, Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati and Toledo, Ohio, each of which raked in several hundred thousand dollars a year.

When the 1973 oil crisis triggered a major recession, cutting into Hustler Club profits, Flynt devoted more attention to the fledgling Hustler Newsletter he had launched a year before, revamping it as a nationally distributed adult entertainment magazine — with the first newfangled issue published in July of 1974.

What had begun as a two-page, black-and-white Hustler Club promotional publication in January 1972, growing to 16 pages, then 32 pages, now expanded exponentially, even as Flynt drew ire from distributors for explicit content like “pink-shot” pics of exposed vulvas.

The catalyst that truly catapulted Flynt’s mag into the stratosphere was his acquisition of nude sunbathing photos taken by a paparazzo, of First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, which he bought for $18,000 and published in the August 1975 issue. The magazine flew off the shelves, selling a million copies in a few days, and cementing Flynt’s millionaire status in the process. Eventually, the publication would go on to hit a peak circulation of around three million at the height of its popularity.

An Adult Industry Legend

In the wake of that bombshell Kennedy issue, Flynt created Larry Flynt Publications in 1976, which branched out to include various ventures such as mainstream magazines and Hustler Video productions. The brand also christened Hustler Casino, which debuted in June 22, 2000. Soon, LFP’s ever-expanding umbrella organization oversaw everything from the publication of “Barely Legal” mags to the opening of the Hustler Hollywood Store.

The magazine, however, remains one of the most widely recognized pornographic publications on the planet. Besides its graphic depictions of sex, which sets it apart from the less hardcore fare of Penthouse and Playboy, Hustler became known for its features — the “Asshole of the Month” column would administer a verbal lashing to a public figure, the “Honey Hooker” comic strip portrayed the sexual escapades of Honey (as competition for Playboy’s “Annie Fanny” and Penthouse’s “Wicked Wanda”), the “Beaver Hunt” highlighted explicit pics submitted from readers, while its controversial “Chester the Molester” cartoon delved into taboo sexual encounters with young girls tricked into compromising positions.

Given the controversy of his adult entertainment products, Flynt was ceaselessly faced with backlash from all comers, but he held his ground as a free speech crusader to the bone. When he was battling an obscenity charge in Gwinnett County, Georgia, on March 6, 1978, a sniper attacked him and his attorney as they returned to the courthouse.

Partially paralyzed due to spinal damage from the shooting, Flynt suffered tremendous pain and eventually an OD-induced stroke, leading him to don his now-infamous gold-plated wheelchair. The man who shot him, Joseph Paul Franklin, was a white supremacist serial killer incensed by an interracial photo shoot in Hustler.

Free Speech Hero

Flynt would go on to wage numerous legal battles, like his U.S. Supreme Court brawl with Reverend Jerry Falwell in the Hustler Magazine v. Falwell trial, which inspired the Academy Award-nominated “The People vs. Larry Flynt.”

Other notorious fights include Keeton vs. Hustler Magazine, where the girlfriend of Penthouse publisher Bob Guccione, Kathy Keeton, filed a libel suit against Flynt for outing her via a derogatory cartoon published in 1976, and Flynt even took on his two nephews, Jimmy Flynt II and Dustin Flynt in 2009, for using his family name on what he considered to be inferior pornography at the time.

Flynt had also a varied political trajectory, from his affiliation as a Republican presidential candidate in the 80s to his identifying as a Democrat during Bill Clinton’s presidency. A firebrand known for taking on various politicians with bounties, Flynt once offered a $1 million reward for information on Mitt Romney’s unreleased tax returns and $10 million for evidence leading to Donald J. Trump’s impeachment.

In recent years, Hustler had revamped its site and launched a line of branded vodka, while continuing to open new locations of its iconic store and crowning monthly “Hustler Honey” girls.

Industry Reactions

“Without Larry and his fight for our first amendment there would not be an adult business as we know it today,” said Doc Johnson’s Ron Braverman. “Most today do not understand the struggles Larry went through to secure our First Amendment rights. This is all his doing.”

Metro’s Ken Guarino said, “Larry and I have been friends for decades. Besides being a legend, he was fearless and innovative. We owe him a great debt for having the courage and tenacity to defend this industry always. My heartfelt condolences to his wife Liz, who has been by his side for many years.”

Paul Fishbein recalled that he “often said during the formative years of AVN that if there hadn’t been a Larry Flynt, there may not have been AVN. He really paved the way, along with Al Goldstein for us ‘younger’ publishers.”

Flynt, added the publication’s founder, “took the raps, the obscenity cases and the bullets, so that we could enjoy free speech. And that goes for the whole adult industry, who owes a huge debt of gratitude to Larry.”

Former Penthouse owner Kelly Holland said, “There were three icons of this industry: Hugh Hefner, Bob Guccione and Larry Flynt. Each launched an empire in three subsequent decades and each was utterly unique in their approach.”

“As I wrote when Hugh Hefner passed,” Holland continued, “we are defined as much by our competitors as by our individual visions. And Larry had an impact on Penthouse. Larry was the ultimate disruptor and our industry’s champion of First Amendment rights. He blazed the trail we now all walk down.”

“The last of the titans is gone,” she concluded.

“Larry was a true pioneer of the adult industry, he will be truly missed,” added Kbeech’s Kevin Beechum.

‘A Remarkably Successful Businessperson’

Wicked’s Steve Orenstein hailed Flynt as “a pioneer in our industry.”

“You would be hard pressed to find a stronger advocate for freedom of speech,” Orenstein continued. “He paved the way for the rest of us to have a place and he will be missed.”

Industry attorney Jeffrey Douglas — chair of the Free Speech Coalition — described Flynt, with whom he shared stages over the years, as “a most important figure in American history, especially, but not limited to, the area of free expression.”

Douglas said it was “fortunate that the film ‘The People v. Larry Flynt’ exposed his remarkable story to a wide audience. He was political in all of his endeavors, and a remarkably successful businessperson, in real estate, gambling, marketing and an enormously wide range of magazine publishing.”

Characterizing the Hustler publisher as “irascible, idiosyncratic and astonishingly brave,” Douglas added that from his personal observations, “he lived with, but found ways to overcome, intolerable pain since the assassination attempt — yet he persevered.”

“We are lessened by the void his death has created,” Douglas concluded. “There will never be such a person again.”

Adam & Eve founder Phil Harvey credited Harvey with breaking “all the barriers.”

“While the rest of us were taking careful steps in the adult entertainment arena, Larry leapt off cliffs and boulders, breaking barriers, setting standards that the rest of us could follow in his shadow,” Harvey told XBIZ. “He had an enormous impact on sex entertainment and on sex generally. A pioneer we shall miss.”

FSC: Flynt Was ‘One of the Most Powerful and Effective Defenders of Free Speech’

Adult industry trade group Free Speech Coalition (FSC) released on Thursday a statement mourning “the loss of Larry Flynt, one of the most powerful and effective defenders of free speech in the history of the adult industry.”

“Flynt’s brash and controversial approach to the creation, sale and distribution of adult content paved the way for a new generation of adult entertainment — one not cowed by censors or zealots,” the statement continued. “His defense of Hustler, in the public and in the courts, helped establish that sexual speech is political speech.”

“FSC presented Larry Flynt with the Hal Freeman Award in 1997, and our Legacy Award in 2009. He and his companies were long-time donors to FSC and other industry causes, and his daughter Theresa was an active member of our Board for many years.”

“While those outside the industry may only remember the provocateur, those in our industry will remember him as an icon, a trailblazer, a business partner, a benefactor, a mentor, and a friend,” the FSC statement concluded. “He will be missed greatly, and his contributions to our industry — and to freedom of expression — will never be forgotten.”

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Iowa: Copycat ‘Porn Block’ Bill Fails to Move Forward

Iowa: Copycat 'Porn Block' Bill Fails to Move Forward

DES MOINES, Iowa — The Iowa House of Representatives’ Commerce subcommittee declined to advance a bill that proposed blocking adult content on electronic devices by default, as well as creating a special $5 tax on adult entertainment to fund initiatives against “human trafficking.”

HF 288 had been introduced by Rep. Sandy Salmon (R-Janesville), a religious conservative who has been the most vocal crusader against adult entertainment in the Iowa legislature.

The bill is a version of one recently re-introduced in Utah, part of a “Project Blitz”campaign by evangelicals to pass “copycat legislation” restricting adult content on a state-by-state basis.

According to local paper The Courier, representatives of ATT, T-Mobile and CenturyLink pointed out that several content-blocking apps are already available and “the use of those apps is at the discretion of parents, for example, rather than the internet provider.”

Mike St. Clair — representing the Iowa Communications Alliance of about 130 small broadband providers — told the subcommittee that HB 288 would “make us the policepersons for content and turn us into criminals if we don’t enforce it enough.”

“We don’t monitor content and don’t wish to be in that business,” St. Clair added.

Religiously inspired groups that spoke in support of the bill alleged that it would help address a supposed crisis of “porn addiction.”

Although The Courier reported that another Republican representative, Jon Jacobsen (R-Council Bluffs), said that “just as the state regulates gambling because of the societal costs of addictive behavior, he would like the Legislature to address the problems that arise from pornography,” none of the three Commerce subcommittee members signed off on Salmon’s bill.

Sandy Salmon, Iowa’s Top War on Porn Crusader

As XBIZ reported in 2019, Rep. Sandy Salmon is the most notable Iowa politician leading the state’s War on Porn efforts.

Two years ago, Salmon introduced a resolution asking the state legislature to officially recognize “the public health hazard of pornography and its harmful proliferation on the internet and calling for vigorous enforcement of obscenity laws and steps to address the crisis of easily accessible pornography on the internet.”

Salmon asked Iowa’s General Assembly to recognize “that pornography is creating a public health crisis and perpetuates a sexually toxic environment.” Aware that prudish tactics from the past — broad appeals to “morals” or “shame” — do not find widespread endorsement, Salmon justified her call for censorship by conflating all depictions of sexuality with a toxic mix of human trafficking, sexual development of the young, child abuse and even addiction.

After affirming that “overcoming the harm of pornography is beyond the capability of the afflicted individuals to address alone,” Salmon closed her resolution by claiming that pornography “leads to a broad spectrum of individual and societal harms” and asked for “education, prevention, research and policy changes at the local, state and national levels to address the pornography epidemic that is harming the people of our state and nation.

She then called upon “the United States Department of Justice and members of the federal, state and local criminal justice system to vigorously enforce federal and state obscenity laws against commercialized obscenity, and upon Congress to address the crisis of easily accessible pornography on the internet.”

An Openly ‘Dominionist’ Legislator

In July 2015, Salmon was the co-signatory, with eight fellow Iowa state legislators, of a press release “in support of the Separation of Church and State,” which they defined as the protection of Christians to politically organize and legislate according to Christian principles.

This doctrine is known as “dominionism,” and a version of it is also currently espoused in the U.S. Senate by Missouri’s Josh Hawley.

“We as legislators agree with the meaning of President Thomas Jefferson’s letter to the Danbury Baptists which said we need a ‘separation of Church and State,’” Salmon and the others declared. “In context it meant that we must always keep the State away from any of the affairs of the Church. At the same time, in order for the United States to function at its best, the people who represent the citizens in government must reflect a strong Judeo-Christian ethic in all we do, including having a solid, unmovable moral basis in our laws.”

Main Image: Iowa House Representative Sandy Salmon (R-Janesville).


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We-Vibe Touts ‘Cam_Girlfriend’ Comedy Series Collaboration

LOS ANGELES — We-Vibe is touting its participation in the comedy web series “Cam_Girlfriend” starring Chaturbate broadcaster Lily LaBeau and Dave Keystone. The series explores “romance and technology, connectivity and love — and We-Vibe is right there alongside them.”

Stephanie Keating, head of marketing for We-Vibe in North America, enthused about the opportunities presented by the collaboration.

“As a brand that is dedicated to helping create more exciting connections between people, and that is used regularly in the camming industry thanks to our products’ interactive features, ‘Cam_Girlfriend’ felt like a natural fit for us,” she said. “We were really excited at the opportunity to be featured alongside Lily and to be part of a creative series that explores connection in such a fun and thoughtful way.”

A representative for the show’s producers noted We-Vibe “fits the tone of the show perfectly.”

“They’re fun, playful and their products bridge the gap between technology and intimacy, which is one of the main themes of the series.”

The company is also promoting the We-Connect app, which connects users to a long-distance partner, and the FeelConnect 3 app by FeelTechnology, which allows select Bluetooth-enabled products to connect interactively to another compatible device and sync up in real time with VR and video sessions, creating a more intimate connection.

Find additional details here, including a list of camming platforms compatible with Feel Connect apps. Follow We-Vibe on Twitter for the latest updates.


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‘Nude Dancing’ Puts a Conservative Oregon Town in a Political Dilemma

DRAIN, Ore. — After last month’s soft-opening of a new adult entertainment establishment in Drain, Oregon, the conservative small town became yet another battlefield in the nationwide moralistic crusade against sex-oriented businesses and sexual expression.

According to reports by the local paper, the Cottage Grove Sentinel, a Drain City Council meeting earlier this month showed several members of the Oregon community — which voted 64% for Donald Trump in the last election and overwhelmingly supports Republican candidates — torn between their dislike for government regulation of business and their desire to find a way to shutter the Top of the Bowl adult nightclub by any means necessary.

Since the Oregon Supreme Court has considered adult entertainment a matter of First Amendment-protected free speech, the city authorities struggled with how to prevent the Top of the Bowl owners from doing business because they disapproved of the nature of the content, without using their zeal for censorship as an actual cause for targeting the establishment.

Top of the Bowl

The Top of the Bowl owners, according to the Cottage Grove Sentinel, “argue that the business is perfectly within its rights to run and is protected by an Oregon Supreme Court ruling on free speech.”

According to owners Jamie Hennricks and Rik Marin, the Top of the Bowl — a repurposed Masonic hall above a local bowling alley — has “a bar area, full kitchen, board and card game room and a spacious lounge complete with a stage and catwalk.”

“While Hennricks and Marin state that special events will include both male and female nude dancers,” the newspaper reports, “they pointed out that the events will only feature topless nudity and will, in any case, not be the main form of entertainment.”

A Drain councilman attempting to shut down the venue suggested the city might want to implement business licenses — a typical method by religiously-motivated moralists to target sex-oriented businesses across the nation — Drain mayor Justin Cobb felt that might be a step too far.

“I’m a staunch believer in very limited government control,” Cobb told the meeting. “So enacting a business license to me just feels wrong. It’s against my better instincts to want to do this.”

Still, the voices that arose in Drain, Oregon, an inland town 40 miles south of Eugene and 132 miles south of Portland, to oppose any kind of adult business illustrate the radicalization of anti-sex speech in some American communities over the last few years.

And stoking these opinions, according to the report, one also finds well-funded, religiously-motivated out-of-area groups like Sacramento-based legal nonprofit Pacific Justice Institute.

The Pacific Justice Institute usually represents churches and religious business owners in attempts to protect what they call “religious freedom.” But the fight against adult businesses on dubious “moral” grounds is not unusual for the Pacific Justice Institute.

On its board sits none other than Edwin Meese, now 88-years-old, and the man who once upon a time in the 1980s, as Ronald Reagan’s attorney general, tried to annihilate the entire adult entertainment industry in the U.S.

‘It’s a Sin’

On June 8, a few of Drain’s 1,100 citizens who opposed the Top of the Bowl nightclub, gathered at a City Council meeting.

“Pornography, nudity and illicitness is wrong,” said Barbara Evans. “It’s a sin and, I’m sorry, but it is not good for our community in any way shape or form.”

The previous mont the group submitted 182 signatures “expressing concern about the nature of the business” and asking that the typically hands-off City Council for more government regulation, requiring “500 to 1,000 feet between sexually-oriented adult entertainment businesses from any and all churches, schools and childcare facilities.”

Jessica Cooper, who drafted the letter “appealed to the town’s classic, “good old days” charm and spirit where childhood innocence and neighborly relations can be preserved.”

A major issue raised by the anti-nightclub group was that Top of the Bowl is next door to the Gateway Family Fellowship, whose pastor said that “we are obviously opposed to any kind of adult or sexually-oriented business or activity going on anywhere near our church.”

“We understand that a business needs to be a business,” Pastor Perry said. “However, the explicit nude dancing, the adult, sexually-oriented business activity, is something that we definitely oppose.”

Perry also complained that he had picked up trash and beer cans after Top of the Bowl’s soft opening on June 5 and that motorcycles woke people in the neighborhood after midnight.

Myndee Ferrill also spoke at the City Council meeting, pivoting from a discussion about zoning and food truck to much darker concerns.

“I find it incredibly sad that we have arguments against a food market in a certain location and that our food trucks have to be 500 feet from a school because of the fact that they’re not healthy enough when the schools are serving chicken nuggets and pizza,” Ferrill said. “So if we will stand up for our children’s healthy diets and we won’t stand up against something that will possibly bring in sex trafficking, child endangerment, all sorts of other things that go along with that — frankly, being a fifth-generation citizen of this town, I’m disappointed.”

At a followup meeting, on July 13, Councilor Jo Barker said the Top of the Bowl “causes great concern” because nude entertainment would attract “unsavory elements” to the town.

The Ghost of Edwin Meese

At the same meeting, the town welcomed Ray Hacke, an attorney with the “religious freedom” legal aid group Pacific Justice Institute who, according to the Cottage Grove Sentinel, “responded to a letter sent by the Gateway Family Fellowship church.”

Pacific Justice Institute, the paper explained, “is a nonprofit legal defense organization specializing in the defense of religious freedom and parental rights. The nonprofit works pro bono in cases which involve the exercise of religion and other civil liberties and made headlines in May when it filed suit against Governor Kate Brown, challenging her emergency powers during the pandemic.”

Hacke told the Council that, regardless of the Free Speech issues, “an adult entertainment business has no business setting up shop right next to a church. It has no business setting up next to any place where children congregate.”

“These places do attract sexual predators,” Hacke added, with a zeal in his attack on an adult business which would have made Pacific Justice Institute’s board member Edwin Meese proud.

Recently, Ed Meese and his ideas have been making a comeback in Trump-era GOP circles.

The former Reagan Attorney General who once almost successfully shut down the entire adult entertainment industry has kept a lower profile for decades, following his resignation in 1988 after the filing of a report alleging numerous accusations of abuse of power and corruption.

But last October, Donald Trump presented the Medal of Freedom, the nation’s highest civilian honor, to Meese, calling the GOP’s most notorious anti-porn crusader “a absolute titan of American law and a heroic defender of the American Constitution.”


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Stolen Giant Dildo Was ‘Moby’ From XR Brands’ ‘Master Cocks’

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. — A three-foot, 50-pound dildo stolen during daylight hours from the Deja Vu Love Boutique in Las Vegas last week — a crime that made international headlines — was the Moby from XR Brands’ Master Cock series.

“The theft was caught on security cameras last week and sparked a massive search for the thief, which included mainstream media attention from TMZ and leading gossip blogs and a $1,200 cash reward from Deja Vu staff,” noted an XR Brands representative.

“The incident was reported July 14… a man walked into the Las Vegas store, slung the massive dildo over his shoulder and rushed out of the store to his car,” said the rep. “Concealed by a face mask, the man is unidentifiable on security footage, and Deja Vu staff are still searching for the thief and their beloved Moby dildo.”

The company has offered to replace Moby.

“There are almost no words to describe Moby; it might very well be the biggest dildo in the world and we’re sad to learn that this happened at Deja Vu,” said XR Brands President Rebecca Weinberg. “This massive cock is known industry-wide for its eye-catching size and lifelike detailing, and many of our customers use it as a prop, centerpiece and conversation-starter at events and in their retail locations.”

“We know it was a popular part of Deja Vu’s store display, and we are happy to replace Moby free of charge while they search for leads,” she continued. “We wish the Deja Vu Love Boutique team in Las Vegas the very best.”

Moby is made of solid PVC, measures 35.5 inches high and 25.5 inches in circumference. It is available in black and beige colors.

Tipsters are urged to contact the Deja Vu Love Boutique directly at (702) 731-5655.

For details about the Master Cock range, email and visit the company online and on Twitter.

Image source (screencap)


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AdultToyMegaStore Reveals New Sex Toy Sales Spike

WELLINGTON, New Zealand — (ATMS) revealed Victoria has led Australia in sales of sex toys and related products over the past month during “stay-at-home” orders due to the coronavirus lockdown.

“Once again, we’re seeing a surge in lubricant, vibrators and batteries. This seems to have coincided with our customers in Victoria staying home due to COVID-19,” said Nicola Relph, owner of ATMS. “Our customers have told us they’re avoiding crowds and they want something to do while they’re stuck at home. They’re also not on Tinder or going on dates because they’re worried about COVID-19.”

Relph noted “sales have increased week-on-week in Victoria since COVID-19 cases began to increase in late June.”

“This week has been our biggest week on record for Melbourne. It has overtaken the unprecedented amount of sales we had in April. We’re hearing from our customers that they’re stockpiling batteries and lubrication in case they’re stuck inside due to self-isolation,” she continued.

The latest sales spike matches recent trends. Sales tripled at ATMS in the 48 hours before New Zealand went on national lockdown, noted Relph, while April brought “a major spike centered around New South Wales.”

“We have never seen anything like this,” Relph observed.

ATMS opened in 2009 and “nothing has come close to the sales we’ve had in Australia in the past three weeks. Australians are well and truly choosing to enjoy their lockdown with essential items like vibrators and lubricant.”

In related news, the results of a survey commissioned by ATMS revealed New Zealanders have recently enjoyed “self-love in lockdown,” resulting in an upsurge of interest in pleasure products.

Find ATMS online and on Twitter.


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PlayHarda Launches New Website

UNITED KINGDOM — PlayHarda has debuted a new-and-improved wholesale website offering a range of features for retailers.

According to the company, the website features a streamlined layout and improved search function. It also has a range of backend features designed to expedite the ordering process.

“One of the most-asked questions from our old website was ‘which brands do you carry?’” the company said. “We knew we had to do something about this, so we introduced a new feature to allow customers who don’t yet have an account with us to browse the website to view our range before setting up an account. Those customers who have terms with us can also now order directly through our website without the need to send emails back and forth, cutting down the ordering process and saving time.”

“Our team has a real passion for the adult industry, and we love helping our clients to grow their businesses with exciting, standout and different adult products,” the company added. “We thrive to inspire our retailer’s customers, giving them new experiences, encouraging return sales and increasing the wellbeing and overall happiness of the community.”

For more information, visit or email


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Blush Novelties Debuts BDSM-Inspired ‘Noir’ Ad Starring Sarah Russi

NEW YORK — Cam model Sarah Russi is the featured star of a new ad for Blush Novelties’ Noir line of soft bondage pleasure products.

Blush’s Jessica Dempsey explained that “working with Sarah to bring our new Noir collection to life was wonderful. She was extremely professional and disciplined while still being able to laugh and have fun with everyone in the room, took direction great, and was an ease to work with.”

“We can’t thank her enough for her involvement in our first lifestyle shoot, and are thrilled to have her be a part of our brand,” Dempsey added.

Russi said that she “really enjoyed shooting with Blush.”

“They brought out a whole different side of me and I just loved it,” the cam model added. “It was so sensual and opened me up in the sexiest way.”

Explore the new line here. For more from Sarah Russi and Blush Novelties, follow them on Twitter.